Quote1.png You watched while Red Norvell died! But this is the realm of death! The land where the dead walk...and the living cower! A domain devoid of hope, and ruled by rage! Seth was aware of your presence the instant you materialized within his haunted home! Quote2.png
-- Red Norvell

Appearing in "Deadly Reunion!"

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Synopsis for "Deadly Reunion!"

Donald, Barry, and Freddie go to find the last person on their list of potential "Lost Gods", Tyrone Hammer, the new offensive coordinator of the New York Smashers football team. They tell him their story, and he tells them that he had already been attacked by the Men In Black and beat them. In Seth's dimension, Wad and Pietro are held in a dungeon, with Pietro begging Seth to let them go, and that it's been some sort of mistake. In Asgard, Snagg is furious that they have lost Amora, and sends them to locate her. In Ericka's Manhattan apartment, they agree to try and track down Seth, but leaving Freddie and Howie behind due to them being injured and too young. Howie doesn't think it's fair, and leaps into the spell before it's finished, throwing Amora off and causing them to have a rough arrival in Seth's dimension. They are instantly greeted by Seth's Death Troopers, who begin attacking immediately. They begin to stand their ground, but are instantly blasted from above by Red Norvell, revived by Seth, and now his servant. Red begins to tear into them, and they have no choice but to try and retreat. In Asgard, the Ice Giants are getting ready to follow Amora, and arrive in the middle of the battle, shocked that they are in Seth's dimension. Red Norvell immediately begins attacking them, giving the others a chance to get away, but they've lost track of Howie.

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