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Quote1.png The Serpent-God has revived me! Like Red Norvell before me, my body has been revitalized! My spirit replenished! Rejoice, sister mine! In his infinite mercy, Seth has deigned to give us another chance to be together! Now and forever shall we be reunited -- IN OBLIVION ETERNAL! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Howie's Tale"

Howie is alone and terrified, trapped in Seth's Dimension of Death. Amora and Tso decide to leave, but the others are going to stay, but when Amora tries to transport away, something prevents her magic from working. In Utah, Vincent and his family are on vacation in the Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the park rangers mentions that even though it's their off season, the park is crowded. People from all over the world have arrived unexpectedly, and are drawn towards one rock formation in particular called Thor's Hammer. Red Norvell locates Ericka and her group after taking care of the Ice Giants, but when Amora tries to cast a spell, it backfires on her. To her surprise, it's her sister Lorelei causing her magical problems. Tso Zhung drops the mace, and runs off, leaving Tyrone to pick it up. Red and Lorelei ultimately dispatch them all and take them captive. As they are being marched away, Howie sees them and decides to try and rescue them. Meanwhile, Tso Zhung is at Seth's castle, trying to strike a bargain with the death god. Seth is amused, and blasting Tso, transforms him to his true form - Loki, God of Evil.

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