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Quote1.png Think of it, people! If he's an Asgardian, the same could be true for us! We could be gods, people! Gods! So let's start acting like them! Strike now for honor! For glory! For Asgard! Quote2.png
Ericka Velez

Appearing in "Lest Despair Doth Claim Thee!"

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Synopsis for "Lest Despair Doth Claim Thee!"

Ericka is being tortured by Red Norvell inside Seth's castle, while outside, Howie is trying to find a way to sneak inside. Odin is being tortured as well, and Seth asks Loki to choose which side he wants to be on. Back on Earth, Vincent and his wife meet a man and his sister who were also strangely drawn to the National Park, like a lot of others, and themselves. In the dungeons, Red returns and begins torturing Ericka again, but she gets a psychic message to pretend to be dead, which she goes along with. Red seems upset that a woman he cared about is dead and he doesn't feel anything at all. Lorelei tells asks him what he expected, he is dead afterall. After they leave, Ericka lets them in on her secret, and the fact that Loki helped her for some reason. Seth returns to Odin, and introduces him to his newest recruit - Loki.

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