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Quote1.png The entire race of Asgardians must be restored to their true selves -- so that they will all be obliterated when I finally manage to destroy the world ash, Yggdrasil! Quote2.png
-- Seth

Appearing in "Betrayed!"

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Synopsis for "Betrayed!"

Loki has been restored to his rightful form, and agrees to probe Odin/Wad's mind to determine what he did to the Asgardians and why. He secretly manages to help the Lost Gods, by restoring the Grand Vizier to his rightful form as well, unbeknownst to Seth. Loki probes Odin's mind, and discovers that Odin learned of Seth's attack on Yggdrasil, and sought to use the attack to his advantage. He cast the Asgardians out of Asgard, stripped them of their powers and memories, so that Yggdrasil would be convinced that Ragnarok had occured. The plan was for Thor to then go to Bryce National Park and strike Mjolnir on the rock formation called Thor's Hammer. But what Odin didn't count on was Thor being killed by Onslaught. Seth tells him that he must die with all the other Asgardians when he finally destroys Yggdrasil, so Loki begins fighting back, but he ultimately fails, and is turned into a tree by Seth. The Grand Vizier manages to transport them to Ericka's apartment in New York, but Amora makes a side trip to confront Lorelei. She begs Lorelei's forgiveness for not being a very good older sister, and releases her from Seth's spell, destroying her body.

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