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Quote1.png You have strutted around my kingdom and terrorized my people long enough. GO AWAY! You don't want to fight me. Quote2.png
-- Odin

Appearing in "Hold Back the Night!"

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Synopsis for "Hold Back the Night!"

Back in Ericka's apartment, they try to convince Was that he is Odin, but to no avail. Ericka and the others load up to try and go rescue the others left behind in Seth's dimension. In Seth's dimension, he is elated that he now knows what must be done. He sends for Red Norvell, and gives him the task of going to Thor's Hammer, and striking it. The Grand Vizier, Ericka, and Freddie, transport in and rescue Tyrone, Donald, Mroht and Pyllar. After they are safely away, Freda and Wad sneak off so that they can talk. She tells him that she believes in him, and he has to believe in himself too, or all is lost. In Asgard, Geirrodur hears the screams of his men outside, being attacked by Seth and his Death Troopers. In Utah, Vincent and his wife are holding a barbecue and everyone is invited, but Gerty tells him that they may have to cut it short, since storm clouds are gathering above Thor's Hammer. At that exact spot, Red Norvell lands and is about to strike his hammer on the ground, when he is attacked by Ulik, Freddie and Tryone, and is beaned in the head from behind by Vincent using his favorite skillet. Red Norvell blasts them away, and striking the ground, all the lost Asgardians are returned to their true forms, including Odin. He grows to gargantuan size to match Seth, but he still thinks and talks like a mortal, his artificial memories too well ingrained. And Seth is ready to wipe out the universe.

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