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Quote1.png Though death cannot die -- Thou canst be delayed! Thou canst know defeat! Banished be thou from my golden realm! Exiled to the dreaded domain that spawned thee! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Final Jeopardy!"

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Synopsis for "Final Jeopardy!"

Odin and Seth continue to battle, with Odin losing ground all the way, his mental confusion letting Seth get the better of him. All across the universe, sensitives feel the power being thrown back and forth. Somewhere else, shadowy figures discuss their plans, to allow Seth and Odin to battle, while they will then strike at the victor. In Utah, when the Asgardians were restored, Red Norvell was restored to himself as well, and is overcome with grief and shame. Ulik tells him that to make amends, he will join them in their battle against Seth. Seth manages to knock everyone down, and strikes at Yggdrasil, causing all the Asgardians unbearable pain. Red Norvell and the others arrive, including Loki, who has managed to free himself from Seth's spell. They all manage to hold off Seth long enough for Odin to regain his power almost completely, and he begins to attack Seth with everything. Odin grabs Seth, and shrinking back down to normal size, casts Seth out, saying that he will strive to earn his peoples forgiveness. With victory at hand, Odin transports all the Asgardians on Earth back to Asgard. But before they can even draw another breath, the shadowy figures strike, laying waste to all of Asgard, and leaving nothing but rubble and debris in their wake.

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