Appearing in "I Brought Zog Back to Life!"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "I Brought Zog Back to Life!"

A large creature is discovered trapped in a block of ice in the North Atlantic. The ice has the word "Zog" carved into the top of it which everyone assumes is the creature's name. The world's leaders gather and decide that releasing Zog from his icy tomb would be extremely dangerous. Over time, Earth's inhabitants begin to feel the strain of constantly living in fear of Zog's release. Burton (a scientist and the story's protagonist) decides to melt the ice surrounding Zog and is quickly arrested but not before he succeeds. As he faces a firing squad his execution is halted with the news that Zog immediately encased himself in ice again. Burton proposes that the creature comes from a much colder planet and is somehow stuck on Earth, encasing itself in ice to stay cool. He further theorizes that Zog is a distress message (like S.O.S.) and not the creature's name. The world's leaders agree and the world returns to normal with Burton a hero.

Appearing in "I Spent a Night in the Haunted Lighthouse!"

Featured Characters:

  • John (First appearance)


  • Ghost Pirate Crew

Other Characters:

  • John's Friends



  • Flying Dutchman

Synopsis for "I Spent a Night in the Haunted Lighthouse!"

After mocking the local tales of a haunted lighthouse with his friends, John finds himself sheltering inside it after his fishing boat capsizes during a storm. He searches the lighthouse from top to bottom but finds no evidence of "haunting" until just before midnight when the main light is turned on revealing a mysterious ship coming towards the lighthouse. The ship has a strange glow and lowers several smaller boats containing ghosts into the water. John hides as the ghosts come through the walls and discuss their plans. At one point the ghosts seem to feel his presence but dismiss the feeling as they are sure none of the locals would dare risk being killed by the ghosts. In the morning, John is telling his friends of his ordeal. They laugh at him until he shows them a life-preserver from the "Flying Dutchmen", left behind by the dead sailors.

Appearing in "I Planted the Seeds of Doom!"

Featured Characters:

  • Hank Garnett


  • Unnamed Reality
    • Planet X-41

Synopsis for "I Planted the Seeds of Doom!"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 56 013
A space explorer flees the giant lizard creatures of planet X-41, but before entering the spaceship, he collects a few flower samples. Back on Earth he gets the idea of selling them and they sell to quite a few people. After watering the plant a great deal it begins to grow a large bud, then finally a huge lizard creature is born out of the plant. The man realizes he must warn others and gather up the plants, but the creature blocks his attempt to exit the apartment. Since it needs so much water in lue of the fact on its home planet the rains were constant, being inside makes it faint after awhile and the man makes his escape and has the plants rounded up.

Appearing in "Underground"

Featured Characters:


  • Smoky Mountain

Synopsis for "Underground"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "I Shrunk Away to Nothing!"

Featured Characters:

  • The Drifter

Supporting Characters:

  • Professor Ace


  • Shrinking Ray


  • Macroverse
  • Earth

Synopsis for "I Shrunk Away to Nothing!"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 56 021
A man needs to raise money for his brother's medical treatment and so he answers an ad from a scientist seeking to test a shrinking ray. He agrees to be the subject and the ray works. He finds himself shrinking past microscopic objects and finally finds himself in a new world. When he asks a native what this world is called, he receives the answer 'Earth'.


  • This entire issue, except the story below, is reprinted in Where Creatures Roam #6
  • "I Spent a Night in the Haunted Lighthouse!" reprinted in Fear #4
  • "I Spent a Night in the Haunted Lighthouse!" contained a boat called the Flying Dutchman, this is not to be confused with the Flying Dutchman

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