Appearing in "I Learned the Monstrous Secret of Bombu!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Mason's Pilot


  • Bombu Next Appearance of Bombu (First appearance)

Races & Species:


Synopsis for "I Learned the Monstrous Secret of Bombu!"

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Two men flying over the Amazon lose control of their plane and are taken from the crash site by natives to their witch doctor, Bombu. Bombu claims he is an immortal alien who landed on Earth long ago to gather information for an invasion. The men scoff at Bombu's story, angering him and provoking him to demonstrate his various powers. However, the men are still sceptical, thinking that they are being hypnotized to see things that aren't there. Bombu loses patience and creates a bottomless pit with which to destroy them, but at that fatal moment, he is struck by lightning and killed. The superstitious natives take this as a sign that the two men possess greater power than Bombu and guide them to safety.

Appearing in "We Were Trapped with the Silent Monster!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Mining Crew


  • Underground Dragons


Synopsis for "We Were Trapped with the Silent Monster!"

Roderick Zorn, the world's greatest engineer, creates the world deepest mine of all time. However the mining crew discover an underground world filled with dragons, to save the surface from their menace Zorn sacrifices himself to cause a cave-in and seal the dragons forever.

Appearing in "I Found the Things from Nowhere"

Featured Characters:


  • "Creatures from Other Worlds" (Joe's Ants) (Only appearance)[1]

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "I Found the Things from Nowhere"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 60 020.jpg

A man messes with his TV and it picks up battle between alien-looking creatures. The man assumes that he must have tuned into the events upon some other planet, but what the TV has actually shown him was a colony of black ants being attacked and destroyed by a colony of red ants right outside his window.

Appearing in "I Turned into a... Martian!"

Featured Characters:

  • Pilot




  • Rocketship

Synopsis for "I Turned into a... Martian!"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 60 028.jpg

A man on Mars encounters a hostile Martian who follows him back into his ship for the purpose of taking over Earth with his superior mental abilities. He has the ability to swap bodies with the man, is telepathic, and even though he is in disguise as the man's body he can prevent the stronger Martian form from attacking him. The man in the Martian's body is helpless to do anything to challenge the Martian, but when the ship is about to land, he looks over the crowd and thinks of them all unarmed so that the Martian rush them with his pistol and defeat them. The Martian reads his mind, and when he attempts this, is shot to death by guards. In death, the Martian's power over the man fades, and his human body is returned.



  • Bombu uses a weapon called a "Wallah Wallah Bing Bang".

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