Quote1.png No. Nothing comes from his tongue but stories. Enough stories. Too many stories. Let us speak of truth... Quote2.png
-- Brün

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Synopsis for "The Oldest Lie"

In San Francisco, the Disir are attacking and devouring everyone they can get their hands on. Dani realizes that they're bloodthirsty and uses herself as bait by cutting her own hand and trying to lead them away from others.

As "Luke" is running away, he is attacked by the same angry dog again, only this time the spell around him breaks and he reverts to his true self - Loki, as well as Ikol and Thori returning to their true selves. Loki catches up to Dani and lets her know that he has a plan and knows how to stop the Disir. He leads her back to the home he shared with "Helen" and "Leigh" and is about to feed "Leigh" to one of the Disir, when "Helen" is shocked back to reality and returns to normal as Hela and Leah. Hela then calls upon Dani as her Valkyrie to deputize the worthy and let none of the Disir escape.

Using harpoons that are used to hunt incorporeal whales of dream and nets woven from the very stuff of Hel, they are able to capture all of the Disir except for one - Brün. Brün is about to devour Sigurd when she is captured as well, and reveals their true history. They were indeed the Valkyrior of Bor, but after their lord went hunting, a group of mercenaries led by Sigurd arrives at the gates. After letting them in, Sigurds men begin to have dalliances with the Valkyrior, who were all maidens at the time, and Sigurd himself has fallen in love with Brün. After a night of passion, Bor has returned and is furious that they gave themselves over to pleasures of the flesh and curses them all. Bor then tells them that the only way to undo the curse is either to slay Sigurd, or marry him.

Elsewhere in Hel, Dani finds Bor and tells him that Sigurd is to wed the fallen sisterhood and he is to minister the ceremony, to which he replies "At last."

Solicit Synopsis

PART FOUR • Gods made mortal, with mutants their only hope for survival! • Undead cannibals on the loose, San Francisco turned inside out by forbidden magic! • A thrilling mythological mystery adventure in the Mighty Marvel manner, the most epic crossover of 2012! (Not counting that one where As fight Xs)

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