Quote1.png No. No. No. I can't, can I? Oh, by Odin's sores, I can. Damn it, Leah. We're on the wrong side. Quote2.png
-- Loki

Appearing in "Manchester Gods, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Manchester Gods, Part Two"

In London, Loki and Leah find Daimon Hellstrom in order to get his help in dealing with the Manchester Gods. He informs Daimon that like the English powers have "sacred sites" around the country like Stonehenge, the Manchester Gods will have similar places and he needs Daimon to find them. In Otherworld, King Arthur and the others are battling the Manchester Gods, but are sorely pressed. Loki and Leah teleport in an after the destruction of Cragside, it weakens the new gods into retreat. The other part of Loki's plan involves "betraying" the old gods in order to gain the trust of the new ones. Later, Loki and Leah are transported to meet Mister Wilson who speaks for the Manchester Gods. He tells them that it's time for the rise of some new gods, who represent the modern world. He invites them inside his mansion and begins to explain what their ultimate goals are. After Master Wilson leaves them for the night, Loki is torn because he realizes that Master Wilson is right.

Solicit Synopsis

• Otherworld Aflame! • Can the Knights of the Round Table, Merlyn, Arthur, and even Captain Britain himself resist the power of the infernal, industrial North!?! • Meanwhile Loki’s mission deep inside the Manchester God itself discovers something that changes everything...

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