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Appearing in "Spragg! Conqueror of the Human Race! Chapter 1"

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Synopsis for "Spragg! Conqueror of the Human Race! Chapter 1"

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Spragg, an outcast of his race, is forced to the surface of the Earth in Transylvania, where he enslaves the local villagers and forces them to build him a device to boost his powers. A visiting scientist by the name of Bob Robertson figures out how to rid the planet of Spragg, and flings him into space.

Appearing in "Where Walks the Ghost"

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Other Characters:

  • Pat, Police officer


Synopsis for "Where Walks the Ghost"

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An escaped convict looks to buy a house that has the reputation of being haunted so people will steer clear of him, but when he meets up with a real estate agent that turns out to be the ghost that haunts the prospective property, he turns himself in to the police for his own protection.

Appearing in "The Man from Mars!"

Featured Characters:

  • Joe Krunk (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "The Man from Mars!"

  • Synopsis not yet written


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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