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Appearing in "The Glob!"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "The Glob!"

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A painter takes a job from a mysterious old man who wants him to paint a statue in a castle located in Transylvania. He tells the painter to leave the castle before midnight, but the painter is knocked unconscious by falling masonry as he is leaving and awakes just before midnight. The Glob comes to life and attempts to destroy the painter, but the man successfully eludes him. The old man returns to him and questions why he did not leave the castle as instructed. Then he reveals himself to be a scientist who had discovered the statue besides the strange paint cans with a note that claimed the statue was an alien advance scout for an invasion that could be activated by applying the paint and waiting until midnight which is why he hired the painter to see if it was true. The painter defeats the Glob with a can of turpentine.

Appearing in "The Patient in Room 3D"

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Synopsis for "The Patient in Room 3D"

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Appearing in "Will This Be the End of the World?"

Featured Characters:

  • The people of "Earth" (actually a micro-world)

Other Characters:

  • Lefty, a baseball player
  • A baseball catcher



  • Gilliam's fleet of spaceships
  • A "runaway planet" (actually a baseball)

Synopsis for "Will This Be the End of the World?"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 72 022.jpg

A baseball player's mitt is infested with tiny humans with enough rockets to evacuate their entire world as they see the baseball hurling towards them.


  • This entire issue is reprinted in Where Creatures Roam #7
  • For "Will This Be the End of the World?", readers would assume the world in the baseball glove is Earth.
  • The world in the baseball glove is identified as "Gilliam" in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #7.

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