Appearing in "Beware! He Isn't Human!"

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  • Krugg's Robot

Synopsis for "Beware! He Isn't Human!"

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A Hollywood special effects man builds an android to slay a woman who rejected his advances because she was "waiting". After he sends the robot to the museum where she works, he relaxes for a sufficient time, and then is startled when she appears at the door with the robot. She reveals that she too, is a robot, and she was "waiting" for a robot to be a mate. The two machines slowly approach him as he backs towards an open window which he falls through.

Appearing in "I Don't Believe in Ghosts!"

Featured Characters:

  • Mr. Jordan


Synopsis for "I Don't Believe in Ghosts!"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 77 012.jpg

A man offers fifty thousand dollars to anyone who can show him a ghost but, time after time, he proves that there is a rational explanation behind the sightings. It turns out he does this because he is a ghost himself, and wants to prevent haunted houses from being demolished, rendering their occupants homeless.

Appearing in "When Aliens Walk the Earth"

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Synopsis for "When Aliens Walk the Earth"

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Appearing in "They Were Only Scarecrows"

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Synopsis for "They Were Only Scarecrows"

Journey into Mystery Vol 1 77 028.jpg

A man tries to get his uncle committed to an asylum, because he talks to scarecrows on his farm, so that he can take over the farm. When he takes the sheriff out to speak with his uncle the sheriff returns visibly shaken and tells the nephew to butt out of the farmer's business. The farmer has revealed to the sheriff that the reason he talks to the scarecrows as his friends is that he himself is one.


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