Quote1 Hiding! Golly, why couldn't you be brave and adventurous like--Thor! But no...that would be too much to hope for! Quote2
-- Jane Foster's thoughts

Appearing in "The Mighty Thor vs. The Executioner"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Dr. Blake's car
  • Communist jet fighters
  • an "American ship of mercy
  • Communist tanks

Synopsis for "The Mighty Thor vs. The Executioner"

While Blake is in Europe, a revolution starts in San Diablo between a Communist faction and a democratic faction. Because of the fighting, there is a shortage of medical help in San Diablo, and several American doctors, including Dr. Donald Blake (with his trusty sidekick, nurse Jane Foster), agree to go there to help. However, the evil Executioner, leader of the Communist faction, does not want the peasants to be treated. He wants them to remain ill so that they will be too weak to oppose the Communists. He sends five fighter planes to blow up the ship carrying the doctors and medical supplies from America. Blake turns into Thor and destroys the planes, which prompts the Executioner to send the commander of the pilots to the firing squad.

The Executioner then sends his armed forces to hunt down and kill the doctors. Thor fights off all attackers, but the soldiers capture Jane Foster, forcing Thor to stop his attack. The Communists fawn over Jane, until Blake arrives, demanding her release. Angered over Blake's commands, The Executioner steals his walking stick and orders Blake in front of the firing squad. However, Blake goads the Executioner into fighting him man to man, snatches back his stick, and transforms into Thor. As Thor fights off the attacking communists, the army of the democratic faction arrives, causing the Communists to flee. Realizing his defeat is imminent, the Executioner steals the gold from the treasury and attempts to flee. The other Communists recognize him as a traitor and place him in front of their own firing squad. They then realize that the Americans were their friends all along, and the war comes to an end. Blake then treats and cures all of the sick peasants, and no one suspects any connection between he and Thor. Jane, however, wishes Donald could be as handsome and brave as the super-hero.

Appearing in "The Recipe"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Tales #150.

Synopsis for "The Recipe"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Tales #150.

Appearing in "The Witching Hour"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Witch

Other Characters:'

  • Policemen
  • Villagers


Synopsis for "The Witching Hour"

A man on the run from the police in America travels to Europe on a train. He meets a woman on the way, and, while resting at a small village, he decides to trick the superstitious villagers out of their money by pretending the woman is a witch. The plan succeeds, but the woman turns out to actually be a witch and floats the man into space, returning the wealth to the villagers.

Appearing in "Somewhere Hides a Thing"

Featured Characters:

  • Jacques the Trapper

Supporting Character

  • Alien
  • Two Men

Races and Species:



  • Iceberg Spaceship

Synopsis for "Somewhere Hides a Thing"

A dying man stumbles into the camp of two men in the Arctic. He tells them that he has sighted an alien near his cabin and implores them to seek out the creature's advanced knowledge. The man dies, and the two are skeptical about his story but are familiar enough with the man to know that he does not lie. They decide to investigate the cabin. When they arrive at the iceberg the dying man indicated, they climb to the top but can detect nothing. They chalk his story up to an hallucination and head back to camp. After they leave, an alien emerges from the water where it had been hiding. Overhearing the men's conversation, the alien comments about how primitive they are to not even consider that life exists on other worlds. He gets into the iceberg the men had climbed upon and blasts off in his disguised spaceship, only to return when the humans have matured.


  • First appearance of long time Thor supporting character and love interest Jane Foster. A caption calls her Jane Nelson.
  • Doctor Graham appears again in Thor #394.
  • First appearance of of the fictional South American country San Diablo. It also appears in the 2011 Six Guns mini-series.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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