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Quote1.png A building rising in the air and then vanishing! People losing their memory for no physical reason! It smacks of supernatural mischeif...and that smacks of the god of evil, my old enemy...Loki! Quote2.png
Dr. Blake unaware that Sandu did it, but Loki was the cause

Appearing in "Sandu, Master of the Supernatural!"

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Synopsis for "Sandu, Master of the Supernatural!"

Opens with Odin in Asgard remarking that he is storing Thor's Belt of Strength, which increases his already incredible strength, for a time when Thor will need it.

At that very moment, Thor is flying through the air over New York City when he happens upon a building that is miraculously floating in the air and suddenly disappears. Realizing there is nothing more he can do as Thor, the Thunder God transforms back into Donald Blake, and walks among the crowd and is shocked to find all those who were in the bank before it disappeared suddenly appear in the street and hears to his astonishment that everyone present has lost all recollection of the disappearing building. Leaving the scene, Blake can only conclude that Loki is once more using his magic to menace the people of Earth.

Changing back into Thor once more, the God of Thunder contacts Odin and learns that Loki is still confined to Asgard and to the All-Father's better knowledge not up to anything. This prove to be far from the truth, as when at a local race track the winnings suddenly fly away, this spectacle is witnessed from Asgard by Loki who intimates that he is involved with these strange goings on. As it turns out a few days earlier, while spying on Thor in his human guise of Donald Blake, Loki is inspired to launch a new scheme when Blake had taken Jane Foster to the carnival where Sandu the mystic -- a renowned mind reader was performing. The Trickster God then would use his magics to increase Sandu's mental powers a thousand fold, and the mind reader, upon learning of his increased power, would begin using them to amass greater and greater wealth.

Becoming ever bolder, Sandu would begin stealing more buildings, transporting them to the moon for safe keeping, even going so far as stealing an eastern palace. He next sets his sights on stealing the entire island of Manhattan and easily defeats the Air Force before taking his first target from the city: The United Nations building, and raising it high in the air.

Hearing of the incident, Donald Blake rushes out of his office and changes into Thor to confront Sandu. While high above the city, Sandu demands all the UN delegates to turn over rule of the entire plant to him. Thor intervenes and is attacked by Sandu who bombards Thor with steel girders and traps the Thunder God under a building.

Odin, witnessing the battle from Asgard sends the Valkyries to help Thor out by bringing him his strength increasing belt, which gives the Thunder God the power to break free and resume his battle against Sandu. When he fails to strike Sandu with his hammer, the mystic attempts to lift Thor's hammer, and teleports to another dimension to attempt to do so. Unable to lift the hammer physically Sandu attempts to lift the hammer with his mind but finds he is unable to do so and the resulting surge of mental energy causes feedback that short circuits his powers and shunting him back to the Earth dimension.

With his powers destroyed, all that Sandu had stolen is returned to their rightful places and Thor turns him over to the police. While on Asgard, Loki curses Thor for foiling yet another one of his plans.

Appearing in "The Seedlings"

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Synopsis for "The Seedlings"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Appearing in "The Manikins"

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Synopsis for "The Manikins"

An odd man who claims to do good work with manikins asks for a job in a department store and is hired during the busy season. The manager likes his work, but the employee is a strange person who speaks little with the other employees. One day the manager hears his new hire talking sweet nothings with a female manikin and questions the man's sanity. When he tells the man he wants to put the female manikin into the bridal suite, the employee becomes visibly upset and disappears later. The manager finishes the work himself and the next day, as he approaches the store window, he is shocked to see that the male manikin he had used with the bride has been replaced by a new manikin who is identical in appearance to his former employee.


  • Sequence 1 Sandu, Master of the Supernatural! plot by Lee, script by Lieber.
  • This is the first Thor story illustrated by Joe Sinnott.
  • Thor and Loki do not meet face to face in this story.
  • The first appearance of the Belt of Strength, later called Megingjord.

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