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Appearing in "The Demon Duplicators!"

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Synopsis for "The Demon Duplicators!"

Odin has summoned his son Thor to Asgard because they are having a drought. Using his enchanted hammer, Thor caused it to begin to rain, then promises to return in a week to stop the rain. He waves to Heimdall, guardian of the Rainbow Bridge between Asgard and Earth as he passes.

Back on earth, Thor heads for a scientist convention where Professor Zaxton is demonstrating an android that Thor's other Identity, Dr Don Blake, helped to invent. The large green android is designed to have double the intelligence of a normal human, with an IQ of 375. It demonstrates this ability by solving another professor's equation in seconds. Its plastic skin is resistant enough to withstand blows from Thor's hammer. Zaxton explains that an army of such androids would be invincible.

But a mistake at the controls by Zaxton cause the android to short-circuit. It is about to explode, turning its indestructible plastic skin into deadly shrapnel. Thor quickly attaches the android to his hammer, and flings him high into the sky where he can explode without endangering anyone.

Thor transforms to his identity as Dr Blake, and upon returning to office finds his nurse Jane Foster missing and Professor Zaxton waiting for him. Zaxton demonstrates a machine he has designed which duplicates anything it is aimed at. Zaxton wants Blake to help him adapt the machine to duplicate humans. When Blake refuses, Zaxton reveals that he is holding Jane hostage and threatens to harm her. Blake decides to play along until he can transform back to Thor.

Zaxton's Duplicator creates an evil Demon Duplicate of Thor

Working through the night, Blake is able to adapt the duplicator to work on living beings. While the professor is testing it on an alley cat, Blake is able to learn that Jane is locked in the professor's basement, and manages to transform to Thor, planning to rescue her. But Zaxton has witnessed the transformation, and now uses the machine to duplicate Thor. Only he gives the duplicate Thor a second enchanted hammer, making him twice as strong as the real Thor.

Fleeing through the windows of Blake's office, Thor leads the duplicate outside where they have room to battle. As the duplicate closes on Thor, Thor uses his magic hammer to create a lightning bolt which strikes the duplicate's uru hammer, knocking him unconscious. But before Thor can finish off the duplicate with a hammer throw, Zaxton makes a temporary third Thor to block the hammer throw and saves the duplicate.

Realizing that his duplicate is in trouble, Zaxton blocks Thor by duplicating a dozen airplanes in between Thor and the duplicate, forcing Thor to chance his course and place him at the mercy of the duplicate.

The duplicate tosses both his hammers, striking Thor in the chest. But the blows have no effect. Looking at the hammers, and the inscription on them that says "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor", Thor realizes the duplicate is not worthy of the power, and so does not possess any of it. While he looks like Thor, he has none of Thor's power. A single blow from Thor's hammer causes the duplicate to disappear.

Meanwhile Professor Zaxton panics, and tries to flee from Thor by making a duplicate of himself. But in the process, he drops the duplicator over the edge of the parapet on which he is standing. Reaching for the machine, Zaxton loses his balance and falls to this death. The duplicator is also destroyed by the fall. But the duplicate Zaxton, who has an opposite personality without a streak of villainy, still lives. He will take over Zaxton's work, only for good instead of evil. Thor then rescues Jane, explaining that Zaxton has reformed and is sorry for what he did.

With a week having passed, Thor returns to Asgard where he ends the rain that he created.

Appearing in "Time Machine"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Mystic #57.

Synopsis for "Time Machine"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Mystic #57.

A man's fascination with history leads him to build a time machine and travel to the past, but when he sees the dangers of time travel he destroys the machine and blueprints.

Appearing in "The Tomb of Tut-Amm-Tut"

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Synopsis for "The Tomb of Tut-Amm-Tut"

Thousands of years ago, the brutal Tut-Amm-Tut sacks the lands of the neighboring peaceful King Ammen. His army defeated, King Ammen thinks to himself "I must flee but I shall never surrender." He attempts to rally the neighboring peoples to his side and Tut-Amm-Tut begins to worry that Ammen's army is becoming larger than his and so he prepares the secret of the "deep sleep" surrounded by treasure and sealed in crypt for thousands of years. In the modern day, an explorer finds the crypt of Tut-Amm-Tut and triggers a release mechanism that brings Tut-Amm-Tut out of his suspended animation. As a reward, he thinks he will slay the fool who has awakened him, but he is shocked when King Ammen steps into the light and states "I, too, knew the secret of the deep sleep." King Ammen then lunges at Tut-Amm-Tut to extract his long-delayed revenge.

Appearing in "Save Me From the Lizard Men!"


Synopsis for "Save Me From the Lizard Men!"

A human crashlands on an alien planet, and the inhabitants believe that he is a spy from the shape-shifting people of a nearby world. He alerts an Earth ship to rescue him, but he steals one of their life pods and escapes without thanking them, since he really was a shape-shifting alien.


  • Sequence 1 The Demon Duplicators! plot by Lee, script by Bernstein (credited as R. Berns).

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