By their own account, the Jovians are "Nomad Creatures of Madness" and "Parasites of Universe," suggesting that they did not originally come from the planet Jupiter, but were drawn to it by the so-called "Pool of Madness," a pool of fiery liquid that somehow sustains them and keeps them vital on the otherwise dead planet.

By 1948 the Jovians were led by Kleezar and, either by design or by accident, their Pool of Madness caused a ray of madness to bombard the Earth, first starting to make animals go insane, and threatened to have the same effect on human beings. The government of Earth sent the Human Torch to Jupiter to destroy the source of the Ray of Madness. Sensing the Torch's approach, Kleezar organized an ambush and the Jovians attempted to kill the Torch. However, a freak meteor shower killed all the Jovians but Kleezar. The Torch then caused the Pool of Madness to overflow, drowning Kleezar.[1]

If any Jovians continue to exist or if they are extinct is unknown given their nomadic nature.

Alternate Realities


The Jovians are genetically engineered humans, adapted at birth to withstand Jupiter's conditions.[2]


One of the Great Society members was dubbed The Jovian, but doesn't share physical characteristic with the Earth-616 Jovians.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Jovians appear to be able to survive on the planet Jupiter, breathing its mostly hydrogen based atmosphere and able to withstand its gravity and harsh environment.


The Jovians are required to remain near the so-called "Pool of Madness," a flaming molten pool of an unidentified liquid that gave off rays of energy that sustained them and kept them alive; however, exposure to the Pool of Madness was lethal.


Habitat: Wasteland
Gravity: 2.4 times stronger than Earth
Atmosphere: Hydrogen
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Tribal
Level of Technology: The Jovians appeared to have no source of technology, yet claimed to be nomadic in the universe. As they referred to themselves as parasites of the universe, it's likely that they traveled the universe in stolen technology which was then discarded once it was no longer needed.
Representatives: Kleezar


Since the Original Human Torch was seen flying through outer space, perhaps Kleezar opened a portal between dimensions and the Human Torch was really flying through Negative Zone or Dimension Zero/Mad Dimension space, both of which have breathable air.

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