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Joyboy is one of a team of other-dimensional bounty hunters known as Technet.

Joyboy accompanied Gatecrasher and the rest of Technet to Earth to capture the mutant Rachel Summers (Earth-811), then known as Phoenix, on behalf of Saturnyne.[1] After they failed in the assignment, Technet based themselves on a disused pier in Brighton, England.[2] When they failed again to capture Phoenix and Saturnyne cancelled their contract, the Technet turned against Gatecrasher and sided with Excalibur. Much to Captain Britain's chagrin, they began living in the lighthouse with the team.[3]

Joyboy went missing on a "field trip" into London, and was separated from his companions.[4] It was later discovered that he had been adopted by the Red Queen of the Crazy Gang.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Wish fulfillment: Joyboy has the power to read and grant an individual's greatest desire, but with a twist. For instance, when Shadowcat was stuck in her phased state and longed to be solid, Joyboy made her corporeal but grossly obese. In another instance when a man showed that he admired his female boss, Joyboy made him look identical to her. Joyboy's power indicates some kind of telepathic ability, though this may just be reflexive.

Levitation: Joyboy is able to hover in place and to move through the air to some degree, though this falls short of true flight.

Physical Strength

Because of his body shape and size, Joyboy has negligible physical strength, or ability to use it.


Joyboy's powers last only as long as he is conscious.





Joyboy levitates inside a cradle-like object. It is unclear whether the levitation is a property of the cradle itself, or of Joyboy's own doing.

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