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Quote1 Gwen? No. The real Gwen died long ago. This is nothing more than a clone... Quote2


This Gwen Stacy was one of the clones of the original Gwen Stacy created by the mad scientist Miles Warren, known as the Jackal, to torment Peter Parker after the death of the real Gwen at the hands of the Green Goblin.[1][2][3]

After having discovered she was a clone following the death of the Jackal after the battle between Spider-Man and his clone, she was kidnapped by the High Evolutionary's Purifiers during the Evolutionary War, to understand how the Jackal had developed instantaneous cloning. The High Evolutionary discovered reading Miles Warren's journal that Warren never cloned her or anyone. In fact, it was revealed that Warren's assistant Anthony Serba was mutated with Parker's genotype to become identical to Peter Parker, becoming the first "Spider-Clone"; Warren's student Joyce Delaney was mutated to become identical to Gwen Stacy and the original Carrion was not a clone of Miles Warren but someone (possibly Anthony Serba) infected with the Carrion Virus.[4]

At that point, the Young God Daydreamer removed from Joyce Delaney the Gwen Stacy genes and give Joyce her identity and memories back.[4]

With her identity of Joyce Delaney, she married a clone of Miles Warren named Warren Miles and went by the name of Gwen Miles, living with him in New York.[5]

During the Clone Saga it was revealed by the High Evolutionary himself that he earlier lied about Warren's journal, that his clones were all real, no Joyce Delaney ever existed, Anthony Serba was killed by Warren,[3] and Carrion was really a Warren clone.[6]

When Gwen's husband Warren Miles died from clone degeneration, she reunited with Peter and Ben Reilly (the "original" clone) to defeat the reborn Jackal.[7] After the death of the Jackal, Gwen went away in search of a normal life.[8]

Years later, she was murdered by another Gwen Stacy clone called Abby-L in London, where she had started a new life.[9]


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