Juō Kurohagi was Madripoor's crime lord, and originally one of the two leaders, the other being Koh. The two maintained a tense peace, until one day Shingen arrived on Madripoor and allied himself with Juō. With Shingen’s help, Juō increased his grip on Madripoor, and put a hit on Koh. Shingen send one of his best assassins, Miyuki, to kill Koh, but she ended up falling in love with Koh's son Kai. One night, when Koh tried to smuggle his son and daughter-in-lawy off Madripoor, Juo, Shingen and their men attacked them. Juo planned to kill Koh. With his last strength, Kai saved Koh from the attack. Koh thus escaped, but Juo did manage to cripple his leg.[1]

After Koh went into hiding, Juo became the sole ruler of Madripoor until one day his own son, Hideki, whom he always treated badly, decided to poison him.[2] Hideki seized power by becoming Madripoor's new tyrant.[3] Later, Hideki was mortally wounded by Logan and fell dead on the corpse of his father.[2]

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