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Juan Luis Fernandez

Juan Luis Fernandez was a outlaw and coach robber who was active during the days of the American Frontier. Originally coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he fled South America when his crimes made him a very wanted man. Relocating to the United States, he managed to get a job as the sheriff of a local town. He developed the identity of the Gaucho and continued robbing stage coaches. In order to cover for himself as sheriff, Fernandez put out a $5000 reward for the Gaucho's capture. He then began accusing hot-headed Jerry Brewster of being the Gaucho, as he was a wild boy who did not care much for looking after his family ranch and obtained an income through gambling.

After robbing a Wells Fargo coach as the Gaucho, Fernandez then led a posse out to look for his alter ego as the sheriff. They came across Tex Taylor in their hunt and informed him about the Gaucho and the reward for his arrest, this interested the cowpoke in trying to capture the Gaucho himself. Tex soon met Nan Brewster and learned of her hotheaded brother and followed him into town after Jerry accused Tex of being a spy for the sheriff.

Fernandez then tracked Jerry down to the local saloon and tried to apprehend him. When Jerry tried to gun down the crooked sheriff, Tex stepped in shooting the gun out of Jerry's hand and stopping Fernandez from beating Jerry to a pulp. As the sheriff took Jerry prisoner he dropped his wallet. When Tex picked it up and searched it he learned the sheriff's true identity. Confronting Fernandez and his posse in the sheriff's office, a gun fight started and Tex managed to gun down the Gaucho's men. Fernandez attempted to escape by horse and tried to stop Tex with a bola, but Tex gunned him down dead.[1]


The Gaucho rode a horse


The Gaucho was armed with a six-shooter, rifle and carried bolas.

"Gaucho" is Spanish for "cowboy."

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