Jubilee was one of the New Mutants. When her, Cannonball and Iceman stole the various X-Vehicles to joyride, both Avalanche and Shadowcat tried to stop them. After nearly crashing the Blackbird, they ultimately admitted their mistake and were put on probation. Her parents took her away from the Institute after the existence of mutants was revealed. She was close friends with Iceman, Cannonball, and Multiple.[1].

In Professor X's vision of the X-Men's future she was training with Magneto and the other New mutants.


Fireworks: Jubilee can shoot out globules that that explode into fireworks. It has has medium destructive force that can stop missiles, lasers, and knock out people.



  • She is mostly seen with Bobby
  • As a nod to the original character, this incarnation of Jubilee always wore a yellow jacket when out of uniform.

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  1. "Joyride"

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