The past history of Jubilee of Earth-21993 is similar to that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until she just recently joined the X-Men. She would be among the Mutants gathered by Charles Xavier following his return from space. While she was one of the X-Men who criticized Xavier for his disapproval of their efforts in improving human/mutant relations in his absence, she would follow orders when Xavier would order the X-Men to remove Cable from stewardship of the New Mutants leading to a clash between the two groups. During the fight, Jubilee would clash with Boom-Boom, however the fight would end with the New Mutants making an escape through the Morlock tunnels.

When Cable would ultimately assassinate Xavier in an act of war, Xavier's death would split the X-Men in two. Jubilee would join a team of X-Men led by Wolverine who would seek to get vengeance on Cable. Jubilee would accompany Wolverine and his X-Men to the New Mutant's headquarters and battle them until Wolverine succeeded in killing Cable.[1]

Jubilee's activities following Cable's death remain unrevealed, but Wolverine has stated that she had died.[2] The circumstances revolving around he death remain unrevealed.

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