After Apocalypse took over America, young Jubilation Lee joined up with Gambit's X-Ternals, a group of thieves that stole from Apocalypse and gave to those in need. Their activities raised the ire of Madri Rictor who grew obsessed with capturing the group to curry favor with Apocalypse. One night his Infinites attempted to capture Jubilee, but she was rescued by her comrades. The X-Ternals were recruited by Magneto to travel to the Shi'ar galaxy to collect a shard of the M'kraan Crystal. To this end, they broke into Apocalypse's citadel and got star chart information before awakening the latent abilities of her teammate Lila Cheney to teleport them there. Jubilee complained throughout their entire ordeal.[1]

They found themselves transported on the Shi'ar home world where Jubilee and the others found themselves in a battle against the Imperial Guard, however they fled and found shelter with an alien named Jonath. The Imperials and Rictor tracked them down before they were rescued by the Starjammers.[2]

As Gambit, Lila, and the Starjammer's leader Deathbird went to obtain a shard of the crystal, Jubilee and the others held off the forces of the mad Emperor D'Ken until they were teleported home.[3] There Jubilee and the others were betrayed by their teammate Strong Guy who stole the shard of the M'Kraan Crystal and captured Magneto's son Charles and brought both to Apocalypse.[4]

Jubilee and the others were recovered by the returning X-Men[5] and Jubilee joined them in the final assault on Apocalypse's citadel to fix their fractured reality and free Magneto and Charles. Ultimately, the heroes prevailed and Apocalypse was killed.[6]


Seemingly the mutant powers of her counterpart, but less constrained in their usage; able to charge matter to explode at various degrees, akin to Gambit's molecular acceleration. Having done so when detonating the clothing of several Madri enforcers at the molecular level.[1] At her full power Jubilation Lee has shown to destroy a Shi'ar battleship with a swift fission blast.[4]

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