Jubilation Lee was an average teenager growing up around Litchfield, New York until the manifestation of her mutant powers drew the attention of Dr. Russell Tresh and the local authorities. Fortunately, Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy were also altered to the activation of her powers by Cerebro. Together they were able to convince Alicia Lee to enroll her daughter in the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.[1]

Jubilee's powers activating

At Xavier's Jubilee became close friends with another new student, Angelo Espinosa (called "Skin"). The pair began secretly experimenting with Emma's Dream Machine and traveling into the Dream Dimension until Skin was captured by Tresh. Along with the other members of Generation X, Jubilee traveled into the Dream Dimension to battle Tresh and rescue Skin.[1]


Jubilee is a mutant with powers similar to her alternate universe counterparts, including:

  • Thermodynamic Emission: Jubilee is able to spontaneously emit luminescent discharges from her hands. This power appears to interfere with electronics.[1]
  • Telepathic Abilities: Emma Frost mentioned she detected a latent telepathic ability, but this power was never further explored.[1]

  • Portrayed by Heather McComb.
  • Many fans were disappointed and offended that Jubilee, a Chinese-American character, was portrayed by Heather McComb, a Caucasian actress. According to an interview with director Jack Sholder, the original script and casting breakdown sent out to agents did not specify an Asian actress for the part of Jubilee.[2]
  • According to her Cerebro profile, Jubilee's 15 year old.

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