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Jubilee was a mutant Chinese-American foster child.[2] At the start of her life, she spent much time in an orphanage, where another young girl taught her how to pick locks.[3] For a year prior to to her powers manifesting during puberty, she lived with two loving foster parents. When her powers caused her to accidentally melt the family VCR, her foster father reported her to the Mutant Control Agency, believing it to be for her own good. However, a Sentinel tracked her down to a mall and tried to capture her before she was rescued by the X-Men and brought to the Xavier Institute. When she tried to return home, she was captured by two more Sentinels and Henry Gyrich, and brought to a facility in Detroit, Michigan. The X-Men rescued her again, and she moved in with them at the Xavier Mansion.[4]

Jubilee had often been shown as a damsel in distress, though at times had proven herself. Everyone seemed to treat her like she was a child, much to her dismay, especially when Charles Xavier prevented her from doing things such as flying a X-Jet. Jubilee did develop a surrogate father/daughter relationship with Wolverine who taught her to drive.[5]

Jubilee proved herself as capable when a cave-in traps her and a group of children in some caves, and she was able to keep the children calm long enough for the X-Men to arrive and get them out. When Charles said goodbye to his X-Men, he said "Jubilee, you are the future. When I look at your face, I see hope."[6]



Seemingly those of the Jubilation Lee of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Jubilation Lee of Earth-616.


  • In the 1992 X-Men animated television series, Jubilee was voiced by Alyson Court. Jubilee was a main character of the original animated series, and starred in several episodes throughout the many seasons it aired. It has been announced that Court will not be returning to voice her in the upcoming Disney+ series X-Men '97.


  • Jubilee can be considered the main character.
  • Jubilee's eyes are depicted as brown throughout most of the series, but in later seasons are depicted as blue.

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