Jubilee was captured by Mojo and her future self and brought to the Big Crunch (the final collapse of all matter in the universe, which precedes the next Big Bang). There, she became Abcissa, Mojo's slave, in exchange for Mojo to agree not to interrupt the universal cycle.

In the present, Abcissa and Mojo captured Jubilee and brought her to the Big Crunch. When Mojo made the same offer that he had made to the Jubilee that had become Abscissa, Jubilee said that she would never accept, refusing to serve him. Thanks to the Jubilee's refusal, Abcissa ceased to exist.


Abcissa could whip the chain of her costume into loops to bind others. It's not revealed if Abcissa kept her mutant pyrokinetic powers.


Abcissa wore a metal mask with spikes all over it

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