A near mythical hero of the Fairytale Kingdom. She arrived to save Remy and Longshot from Magnus' Metal Warriors. The warriors fired upon her shortly before the story was interrupted.

She easily rescued the others, quickly defeating the metal soldiers. As their leader tried to flee, he was attacked by Logan, Jubilee's right hand troll.

When she inquired as to why the soldiers were after Remy, he led them to the second half of the MacTaggert Crystal deep within the Cavern of the Lost where the Guild of Thieves was located. Inside, they were confronted by Sabretooth and more of Magnus' Metal Soldiers, but Jubilee and Logan made short work of them.

Leaving the cavern, they wondered what to do with their half of the Crystal, only to be approached by Xavier the All-Knowing. He informed them that Jubilee was the key to activating the crystal and destroying Magnus once and for all, but not until the two halves were reunited.

With this news in hand, the three set off to storm Magnus' castle. While initially making it in very easily, they were soon trapped in the vault by the sorcerer himself. Forcing Jubilee to reunite the crystal, or he would kill Logan, she did so. Going back on his word, Jubilee attacked him, Magnus claiming she was only adding to his power. Stating that that was what she had in mind, all nearby metal began to fly at Magnus, overloading him.

Returning to the kingdom, Jubilee was thanked by The Handsome Prince and Princess Jean, who offered her a position as a princess, but as the two began to explain the amount of studying it would involve, she left to continue adventuring with her friends, although she might be a princess someday.[1]


Seemingly those of Jubilee of Earth-616.

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