Jubula Pride was the daughter of the Owl. He plagued Daredevil since he had returned to San Francisco. According to Matt Murdock, after what he did to her father, Jubula snapped in two and became obessed with him.

Years later, and after Matt had retired from his super hero career, Jubula returned the day before Matt's fiftieth birthday, when she hacked the feed of a brand of cyber-optic eye-drops and shut down the sight of 72% of San Francisco's citizens, including Matt's son Jackie. She then planted a package with a signal Matt could detect, which contained a box with a plastic crown with a headset and another package with a Daredevil costume. Jubula taunted Matt, who recognized her voice and proceeded to get to her penthouse with the Daredevil suit.

Jubula was attacked by Daredevil. As Matt was blinded by his anger, he didn't react in time to dodge an attack with which Pride intoxicated him with her claws. Matt kept fighting and crashed along with Jubula into the room where a nuclear reactor powered Pride's operations. Daredevil tried to get close to it, but Pride quickly tackled him and started attacking him while proclaming that what she did was for Matt, to bring him back in "the game." Matt managed to kick Pride away and shut himself up in the chamber of the nuclear reactor as she was recovering. He begun punching the machinery until it shut down, as Jubula desperately screamed for him to stop from the other side of the wall.[1]



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