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Jubula Pride was the cherished daughter of Leland Owlsley, also known as the crimeboss the Owl. After Jubula's mother left Leland, he started sharing his resources with her. He hired the best scientists in the world to teach her Stark-level technology, and employed geneticists to augment Jubula's body, granting her the ability to fly. Despite being full aware of her father's criminal nature, Jubula only cared that he was good to her. Jubula even followed her father's footsteps, and made business selling technology to criminals.[1]

Following the Owl's abduction at the hands of the Shroud, Jubula surfaced in San Francisco, shaking up the lowlifes trying to find clues for his location. She quickly caught the attention of local vigilante Daredevil, and he offered his help in finding the Owl. They managed to track him down to Alcatraz Island, where he was plugged into a surveillance super-computer. When the Shroud confronted the two intruders, Jubula tried to fight, but Daredevil forced her to retreat.[2]

While Daredevil tried to control the damage caused when the Shroud broadcasted malefic footage of his personal and professional life to prevent further interference,[1] Jubula returned to Alcatraz and agreed to help the Shroud find his ex-girlfriend Julia Carpenter in exchange for her father's freedom. When the Shroud intercepted Julia at an airport, Jubula tried to take her hostage and use her as leverage,[3] but failed since Julia could defend herself.[4]

In the end, Julia was kidnapped by the Kingpin, so the Shroud joined forces with Daredevil to take him down. He promised Jubula he would free the Owl if she convinced him that the Kingpin was behind his predicament, so that he would gather and bring to light information on all of Fisk's illicit activities. Following Kingpin's fall, the Shroud let the Owl go, and he disappeared with Jubula.[5]



Flight: Jubula's body was genetically modified to make her capable of levitation and flying seemingly on her own volition.[1]


Master Combatant: Jubula was trained in combat by her father.[1] Daredevil observed she was an incredible fighter, also stating she moved like a spinning clutch of razor blades.[2]

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