Quote1.png Who am I? I'm a child. A woman. An heir to humanity. I am myself and all whom I've known and all whom I love. We defy you... I defy you! Quote2.png
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Early years

Jubulile van Scotter was born from Zulu and Afrikaner parents (her first name being from the former, her last name from the later).

Jubulile's father taught her to sail when she was extremely young.[1] He died when she was ten.[3] When she was 16 years old, and after he had passed away from a terminal illness, she embarked on her own to explore the world in his memory.[1]

Jubulile empowered by the symbiotes


When she was sailing the Indian Ocean, she came across a badly injured castaway. After taking him to her boat, the Cinga, and nursing him, the stranger identified himself as Cletus Kasady. Kasady asked Jubulile to take him to a set of coordinates marked in a nautical chart of his, and soon revealed his nature as the superhuman serial killer Carnage. He subsequently tried to use his newfound powers to turn Jubulile into a symbiote-controlled minion by using the Darkhold.

The ritual didn't go as Carnage planned, but Jubulile awoke changed. Before escaping from the boat, Jubulile set up an explosion in hopes of killing Carnage. She drifted away in a raft, until being found by a task force dedicated to hunting Carnage down.[1]

Jubulile further empowered by the Darkhold

Discovering that the ritual had infected Jubulile with a Darkhold-augmented offshoot of the Carnage symbiote, enabling her to sense Carnage's presence and see his memories, Jubulile was tasked with guiding the Taskforce in pursuit of Carnage. Tortured by her psychic connection to Carnage and forced to view his memories, Jubulile befriended Eddie Brock, who empathized with her.[4] When Chthon was resurrected, Eddie was forced to give Jubulile the Toxin symbiote, which she amalgamated with her own to form a pink flight-capable symbiote. Further empowered by absorbing the Raze symbiote and the psychic energies of the entire world through the Darkhold, Jubulile stopped Chthon from summoning other dark Elder Gods and was able to banish him, with her amalgamated symbiote dispersing into pink and gold smoke. Following this, she returned to South Africa and bid farewell to the other members of the team.[5]


Jubulile currently possesses no superhuman abilities.[5]


  • Jubulile spoke English and at least a few words in Zulu.[1]


The Cinga, a sailing boat.[1]

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