Judah Miller was an openly gay Jewish man living in Los Angeles, California.

He met Bobby Drake in a shoe-shopping queue as he read a book about being gay, which made him risk a, not so successful at first, pickup line on Bobby.

Seeing how Bobby was still very confused about his new life of self-discovery, Judah volunteered to help him in this by inviting Bobby to a date. It was the first time Bobby had danced with a man, just as it was also the first time he'd kissed one.[4]

During an attack of refurbished Sentinels, Judah discovered that Bobby was actually the Iceman of the X-Men, and that when he said that his friends were superheroes he was speaking the truth. Judah was almost killed, but Iceman saved him just in time. As a thank-you, Judah took Bobby to his apartment that same night, ending up alone, being able to enjoy each other's company.

The next day, they met again to enjoy the sunset over the city of Los Angeles in the distance, high in the hills. Bobby worried if Judah would care that he had done this before, but Judah swore it would be different with him. And Bobby confirmed that it looked and felt completely different with Judah there.

A few days after returning to New York, they continued a long-distance relationship, causing them to miss each other. Given how everything had been running pretty fine at the Xavier Institute, and he was not on any active team roster, Bobby thought about moving to Los Angeles.[2]

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