Quote1 I am you, Seward Trainer-you from the future. I renamed myslef Judas because of my betrayal of Peter Parker-making him lead the rest of his life believing himself a clone. Quote2
-- Doctor Traveller src

Seward Trainer rigged his computers to say that Peter Parker was a clone of Ben Reilly. He immediately regretted this decision and changed his name to Judas after Judas Iscraiot, as in the man who betrayed Jesus Christ. The guilt of what he had done caused him to have a nervous breakdown which activated his Mutant powers. Judas then traveled the world to find the true nature of evil.

Years later, Judas would travel back in time to prevent his own future. He confronted his past counterpart and revealed the intentions of Seward to Ben and Peter.[1]


Seemingly those of the Judas Traveller of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Judas Traveller of Earth-616.

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