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P.I. Jessica Drew -secretly Spider-Woman- tracked there a criminal, undercover network that was smuggling fugitives out of the US and the bounty on murderer Johnny Yen. Both cases were related: Yen had been captured by mad scientist W. Lee Benway, who performed experiments on Yen and the other unaware criminals to transform them into monsters, aiming to create a being that could survive in other planets for their exploration, then sold their organs in the black market. Benway, himself a wanted fugitive, hid in a villa 10 miles to the north of Jude, with the connivance of local Sheriff Bradley Martin and using human-like robots as his aides.[1]

Drew reached the town by bus, coinciding with a visit by the Hulk, who was roaming the American Southwest. Both were captured by Benway, first the Hulk, falling to Benway's technology; then Spider-woman, who was lured to Benway's villa by the Sheriff. Benway aimed to lobotomize Banner to prevent him from becoming the Hulk by being angry, then experiment on Banner/Hulk's body. Spider-woman escaped, released the Hulk and, in the chaos, called the Arizona State Patrol to arrest Benway. The Hulk meanwhile destroyed the villa.[1]

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