Julia was Jay Guthrie (Icarus)'s human girlfriend. Josh, now calling himself "Jay" eventually recognized Julia and rekindled their old flame. Unfortunately, tensions came to a head between the Guthries and the Cabots, and Julia's family got hold of some old battle armor used by Humanity's Last Stand and found the young couple. Jay was apparently killed by Julia's father, who left his body with Julia.

Distraught, Julia took Jay's body into a lake and sank to the bottom with him, preferring to die than live without her love. Unfortunately for her, Jay's healing factor kicked in and he returned to life, and brought Julia's corpse back to land. He was trying to kill himself with a pointed stick when the X-Men found him and stopped him.[1]

Over the next year or so, Stryker equipped a new batch of Purifiers, and began his assaults, slowly at first, leading the Cabots to the mechanized armor units that seemingly killed Jay and caused Julia Cabot to suicide. With Jay's guilt assured, Stryker continued to train his Purifiers until just before M-Day, when he contacted Icarus and convinced him that he wanted to help mutants be normal.[citation needed]

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