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Quote1.png The Spidey Team needs all the help they can get... I must join the fight. Quote2.png
Madame Web[src]


With the Spider-Men

Julia had a similar history to her Earth-616 counterpart. After detecting the merging of Earth-TRN461 and the Spider-Island Reality, Madame Web decided to join the Spider-Men.

Symbiote Dimensions

During a psionic overload, Julia saw multiple possible futures including Spider-Man's death and the return of Venom. This caused her to go into a coma. After Peter's resurrection, she awoke and ran to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to warn Director Nick Fury of her second prediction.[1]



Seemingly those of the Julia Cornwall of Earth-616


Seemingly those of the Julia Cornwall of Earth-616

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