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Quote1 Aunt Julia was a chef. No cookbooks, no TV Show, no franchise, just the one restaurant - serving the best homefood in five states. Quote2
Rachel Grey[src]


Julia Grey, Jean Grey's sister, was a chef.

She was killed by Shi'ar Death Commandos, in a Shi'ar attempt to cleanse humanity from the Grey Genome, possibly related to the choice of host by the Phoenix Force.


  • She actually wasn't shown in comics, only her burning body in the front yard.
  • Julia and her uncle Brian took custody of Joey and Gailyn after Sara was killed.
  • She may have one or more children: Bekka Wallis, Derry Campbell, Mary-Margaret, Kindra, Julian. All of them were cousins of Rachel Grey, and they were not the children of Sara or Liam. She apparently was a younger child of Elaine and John. If this is true, then Bekka and Derry were not her children (they were too adult), so her children could only be Julian, Mary-Margaret, and Kindra, who were all the same age. In addition, Julian lived in his grandparents' home, along with his cousins Joey and Gailyn. Julia obviously also lived in the Grey's House, taking care of Joey and Gailyn. Therefore, Julia was the mother of Julian, Mary-Margaret, and Kindra.

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