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Julian was a mutant native boy who lived on a reservation in Arizona. He and his brother Lucas took their grandmother to a county fair where she won the biggest pumpkin competition and was rewarded with $500. The sheriff's son tried to rob the old woman of the prize but his nephew Lucas intervened in his defense who in return was punched by the son of the sheriff. At this point Julian intervened who used his mutant powers with which he was able to summon monsters and with which he slightly wounded the sheriff's son. Warned of the situation, Mirage and Wolfsbane intervened managing to find Julian who in the meantime had hidden from the vengeful sheriff and offered him to go to Krakoa with them and that they would teach him to control his powers. Meanwhile, the sheriff arrived with his posse intending to arrest Julian also using bad manners, but Mirage and Wolfsbane took care of them by defeating the sheriff and his posse, after which the X-Men went to Julian's reservation who celebrated a bond of alliance between the people of the reservation and Krakoa.



Julian is able to summon monstrously shaped pseudo-animals that he is then able to control and make to act at his will for both defense and attack.

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