Quote1.png Julian didn't like crowds. He loved South Park, even if he wasn't supposed to watch it. He came into the world with this little scar on his forehead, so of course he totally bonded with Harry Potter. Hooked me, too. We read the books together. Quote2.png
Rachel Grey[src]


Julian lived in Grey's House with his grandparents.

He was killed by Devo, a member of the Shi'ar Death Commandos


  • He actually wasn't shown in comics, only his ashes in his room.
  • He apparently was the son of Julia Grey, because she took custody of Joey and Gailyn, who lived in Grey's House, and Julian also lived there. So Julia, apparently, was his mother. However, Julian also could be the son of Roger.
  • He apparently was the brother of Kindra and Mary-Margaret, because they were all the same age, unlike Bekka and Derry, who were obviously older.

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  1. His last name is actualy unknown, but apparently it's Grey.
  2. See notes
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