Juliana Valencia was the daughter of Juan Carlos Valencia, a powerful Colombian cartel boss, and was perfectly aware of the type of business her father got into. One day, Juliana informed him it was discovered she had a rare type of cancer. Juan Carlos spent most of his fortune in an auction for the Extremis virus, which, if programmed properly, would save Juliana.

As soon as he was informed Iron Man was looking for the Extremis kits sold in that auction, Valencia hired the criminals Living Laser, Vibro, and Firebrand to protect him in case Stark tried to get to the kit.

When Iron Man arrived at his mansion, he used his Stealth Armor to get to Juliana's room unnoticed. He tried to talk to her, but she woke up scared by his presence and called the guards. The supervillains fought, but barely slowed down, him.

After Iron Man subdued the supervillains, he confronted Juan Carlos, who explained to him Juliana's situation, and that he only wanted his daughter's survival. Stark agreed to help him reconfigure the Extremis to guarantee Juliana's survival, in exchange Juan Carlos was imprisoned.[1]

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