The origin of this incarnation of Julie Power is presumably identical to that of her Earth-616 counterpart. However, not long after receiving her powers from the Kymellian Aelfyre Whitemane, Julie, along with her siblings, was branded a mutant by townsfolk, and the violence that followed cost the pack their parents' lives.

the children stayed together for a while but evenually grew apart as they got older. As she grew up, Julie was the only one who followed in her fathers' footsteps and became a scientist. She ended up working for the SETI project in New Mexico, attempting to contact her old friends in the Kymellians. Unfortunately, she managed to accidentally contact the Snark race by mistake, who had always attempted to steal the dangerous power source developed by her father. In response, Julie sought and warned her siblings of the impending Snark threat.


Seemingly those of Julie Power (Earth-616)#Powers.

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