Maneater was working with the Yorkes, a time traveling couple who established the Sinners in 1907. He was their secretary on the Mineola train, which is where their headquarters was. He was their voice towards outside parties like the Street Arabs.[1]

When a war started between the Sinners and the Upward Path, Nico Minoru, enhanced in magic from an encounter with the Witchbreaker, simply said "Vegan" to Maneater, presumably making him follow such regime.[2]


Maneater has above-average strength and endurance, and is a reasonably-skilled negotiator

Strength level

Above average strength


The Mineola

  • Maneater's jaw is so hard that it can even hurt a punch from Xavin using his Thing-strength.[1]
  • Real name revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 13.
  • There is a suspicious similarity between Maneater and the grown-up version of Tristan, a member of the Street Arabs.

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