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Julio Richter became one of Apocalypse's loyal followers in the Madri religious cult, making him one of the few members who were not one of Jamie Madrox's duplicates. He became obsessed with capturing the thieves known as the X-Ternals, hoping that their capture would curry favor with Apocalypse. When tracking them to where Apocalypse kept his space charts, he was caught in Lila Cheney's teleportation and pulled to the Shi'ar galaxy.[1]

There he was captured by the Imperial Guard and convinced them that he was a law enforcer on his own world and he was seeking to capture the X-Ternals. He aided them in their attacks until the M'kraan Crystal's crystallization wave incapacitated most of the Imperial Guardsmen. Only Rictor and Gladiator escaped.[2] They followed Emperor D'Ken when the mad ruler attempted to seize the power of the crystal for himself, clashing with the X-Ternals again. The X-Ternals succeeded in collecting the shard of the M'Kraan Crystal they sought and returned to Earth, taking Rictor back with them.[3]

Rictor attempted to capture the X-Ternals once again, and in the process almost ruined Guido Carosella betrayal of his teammates, theft of the crystal, and the kidnapping of Magneto's son Charles. He reported back directly to Apocalypse himself who killed Rictor for his failures.[4]



  • Seismic Energy Manipulation: capable of generating and releasing seismic energy and tremendously powerful waves of vibrations in any object he came into physical contact with, the vibrations starting in his body, and then emanating outwards, mostly through his fingers, causing objects to shatter or crumble and also using it to create earthquakes, shockwaves or otherwise transport earth matter. When used against objects with a larger surface, the effects were much like an earthquake. The extent of Rictor's power was never fully explored. His powers appeared to affect organic objects in much the same way as inorganic ones.
  • Seismic Energy Immunity: Rictor is immune to the harmful effects of the vibrations he creates.


He is a competent hand-to-hand combatant.

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