Baron Julius Aaroni was a criminal mastermind who lived on Castle Island in the 1940s. He locked his brother Gustav up in a room with no light for over 10 years, eventually driving him insane.

Using his wealth, Aaroni developed a special bus that was bulletproof, had built in tank treads, and could also convert into a submarine. In 1946, he sent his gang out to rob the First National Bank. Pursued by the police his gang drove the bus off a seaside cliff seemingly to their deaths, but the bus' submersible mode allowed for their escape. The bizarre case attracted the attention of newspaper woman Betty Dean and her companion the Sub-Mariner.

Next Aaroni sent his men to rob the Central Savings Bank; this time Namor was there to confront the modified bus himself but was unable to stop it from getting away. He was able to follow it back to Aaroni's home on Castle Island and attacked the gang. While Namor was busy with his goons, Aaroni managed to slip away. Namor followed after him but fell through a trap floor into the dungeon. He was then attacked by Gustav who was disguised to look like Julius. Namor easily subdued the madman and turned him and the gang over to the authorities. When the police attempted to question "Julius" for the location of the stolen loot, they got a stream of nonsense.

As Namor and Betty searched the estate they, heard the cries of help from "Gustav" (really Julius in disguise), and they "freed" him. However, Betty soon realized the ruse just as "Gustav" attacked them. Namor however quickly subdued Aaroni and turned him over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Aaroni apparently had some engineering skills as he was able to build a modified bus acted as a tank and could even travel underwater.


Julius Aaroni's Bus from Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 20 0001

Julius Aaroni's aquatic bus/tank

Julius developed a specially modified bus for his gang to commit their crimes in. The vehicle was fully bullet proof. It had retractable tank treads to allow them the ability to drive over other vehicles and could convert into a submarine.


Julius armed himself with a whip.

The Angel (Thomas Halloway) has also been to Castle Island where he fought the King of Castle Island.

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