In Haiti, Julius Dupree is known as the Grave Robber, a man so powerful grown men cry when they hear his name. When Patrick Rourke found out that he had terminal cancer and that his late daughter's husband, Sean Cassidy, the man he blamed for his daughter's death, had found a new love in Moira MacTaggert, he hired Dupree to raise the apparition of his departed daughter to haunt Cassidy and drive him away from the X-Men to Belfast, Maine, where Patrick could kill him and his new love. Dupree stole Sean's wallet to use the photo of Maeve in it to strengthen his illusion. Unfortunately for the blackguard, Sean's loving memories of Maeve caused the illusion to turn against Patrick, giving Sean the upper hand against the two. Dupree escaped by using a teleportation effect, igniting the building in his wake. Sean rescued Moira, and Maeve trapped Patrick in the building, killing him when the building exploded. Dupree escaped unharmed, and has been at large since.


  • Telepathy: Dupree uses the memories of his victims to fuel his illusion-casting.
  • Illusionism: Dupree creates lifelike illusions of the deceased using the memories of his victims.


  • Dupree is a competent pick-pocket.


  • Teleportation effect: Dupree managed to escape from capture by disappearing from behind some kind of combustion.

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