Julius Rassitano was a police officer who worked with Daniel Rizzo, his best friend. After Rizzo died, he was traumatized. He was convinced to join Code: Blue for battles with Asgardian creatures and super criminals. He was an expert sharpshooter. He participated in several missions of Code: Blue, in particular their fights versus Uroc the rock troll and Thermal Man an atomic robot. Julius stayed in Code: Blue to combat the super criminals on the streets of New York.


He was an excellent sharpshooter and highly skilled

Strength level



Mad-Dog normally wears the standard issue body armor and communicator issued to all Code: Blue members, but he has also been equipped with thermal body armor when opposing the Thermal Man


Officer Rassitano uses all types of firearms from handguns to sniper rifles and even heavy weaponry such as grenades, rocket launchers and anti-tank cannons

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