Juma was a barbarian Kushite who helped Conan when the rebel raiders attacked their party in northern Turan. Captured by the hillmen, he eventually managed to escape the citadel with the Cimmerian and Princess Yolinda.[1]


Many years later, he served in the Turanian army under Commander Grimm and saved his life during a Kozak ambush, thus earning a battlefield promotion.[3]

Major Juma then infiltrated the Kozak camp and persuaded Conan into following him to the city of Kherdpur, where he and Zula were trapped by the Turanian forces and thrown to the cannibal monsters beneath the city.[4]

Juma actually volunteered to Grimm, leader of the forces of Turan, to join the Kozaks and lure Conan to him in Kherdpur. Juma secretly did so so Conan could help protect Yolinda. Juma recommended Grimm cast Conan into the pit to be slain by wretches dwelling there, knowing that Yolinda could stop the wretches from slaying Conan and Zula. When Juma tried to sneak back to the pit to check on Conan, but was discovered by Grimm and his men. Juma attacked, but was bitten by the neck by Grimm and cast into the pit, after which he vowed to hunt down and slay Yolinda.[5]

Kidnapped and tortured by Grimm and his soldiers, Juma was eventually saved by Conan and Zula and escaped the city.[6]


Juma spoke Hyrkanian.[2]

Juma the Black is the creation of L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter (used by permission).[1]

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