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Jumbo Carnation was a mutant fashion guru and flamboyant young club entrepreneur based out of Mutant Town in New York City. He gained notoriety in and out of the mutant community, and appeared on some television talk shows. He designed clothing specially geared towards mutants and sold through the X-Factory Store, such as shirts with more than two sleeves, tentacle stockings, and wing gloves.[1][2]



One night after leaving a nightclub alone, Jumbo Carnation was attacked on the street by a group of humans. The attackers shoved paper in Jumbo Carnation's mouth, attempting to choke him. Either when the attack happened or shortly after, an explosion occurred inside Jumbo, cooking his internal organs and killing him instantly.[1] After investigating with the NYPD, Beast concluded that Jumbo Carnation actually died from a self-administered overdose of Kick.[5] However, the official cause of his death remains unclear.[6]

Impact and legacy

After Jumbo Carnation's death and discovering that he was adopted, Quentin Quire began to question Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. Not knowing the true cause of Jumbo Carnation's death, Quire began using Kick and speaking openly about mutant supremacy. Quire later organized a militant group of like minded students called the Omega Gang.[7] Under the influence of Quire and Kick, the Omega Gang murdered humans, fought the X-Men, and incited a riot at the Xavier Institute during which fellow student, Dummy, died.[8] To stop Quire, Sophie Cuckoo used Kick to boost her telepathic powers so she could operate Cerebra. With the help of her sisters, Sophie stopped Quire and quieted the panicking mobs; however, she died either from mental strain or from an overdose of Kick.[5]

To honor the memory of Jumbo Carnation, a group of gay men and drag queens (including Krystal M'Kraan) in New York City created the legendary House of Jumbo Carnation.[9][4][10]

Designing for the White Queen and the Hellfire Trading Company


Using her sway on the Quiet Council, the White Queen ensured that Jumbo Carnation and other important mutants were among the first mutants to be resurrected.[3]

Since his resurrection, Jumbo Carnation has been acting as the White Queen's fashion designer for herself and select other members of the Hellfire Trading Company.[3] Frost and Jumbo Carnation were very publicly seen shopping in Manhattan's fashion district, purchasing large quantities of white fabric.[6] Jumbo Carnation has since seemingly become part of the White Queen's entourage.[11]

He had a big role in the Hellfire Gala, designing many of the outfits worn by the mutant attendees.[12]



Jumbo Carnation is a mutant.[1] His known powers include:

  • Teflon Skin: Jumbo Carnation's polytetrafluoroethylene (or teflon) skin is hard and feels like plastic.[1][6] It appears that his skin may also be able to withstand high temperatures.[1] It was confirmed he can withstand flames. [13]
    • Enhanced Durability[4]
  • Dual Upper Appendages: Jumbo Carnation possesses two fully developed sets of fully operational arms.[1][6][3]
  • Superhuman Strength: Jumbo's extra limbs are for more than greater dexterity, as he is seen lifting and flailing about Verendi styled Reavers with his bare hands.[13]


  • Fashion Design: Jumbo Carnation is a talented fashion designer with a flare for unique and bold design choices.[1][2][3]




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