Jumbo Carnation was a mutant fashion guru and flamboyant young entrepreneur based out of Mutant Town in New York City. He gained some notoriety in and out of the mutant community, and appeared on some TV talk shows. He designed clothing geared specially towards mutants such as shirt with more the two arm sleeves, tentacle stockings and wing gloves often sold at X-Factory stores.[1]


One night after leaving a club, Jumbo Carnation was attacked on the street by a group of humans. Jumbo began choking, and was left for dead by his human attackers.[1]

After investigating, Beast discovered that in actuality, Jumbo died from an overdose of the drug Kick.[2]


After Carnation's death, Quentin Quire began to question Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. Quire did not know the true cause of Jumbo's death, so to challenge Xavier's dream, Quire began using Kick and organized militant group of like minded students called the Omega Gang.[3] Under the influence of Quire and Kick, the Omega Gang murdered humans, fought the X-Men and incited a riot at the Xavier Institute during which fellow student, Dummy, died.[4] To stop Quire, Sophie Cuckoo used Kick to boost her telepathic powers so she could operated Cerebra. With the help of her sisters, Sophie stopped Quire and quiets the panicking mobs. However, Sophie died either from mental strain or a Kick overdose.[2]


Jumbo Carnation was a mutant. His known powers included:

  • Teflon Skin: Hard and plastic feeling skin.
  • Duplicate Upper Appendages: Two sets of fully operational arms.

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