Quote1 We've all... lost... valuable assets... to him. Irreplaceable. Beloved. And now, here we all are, irony of ironies... Forced to shoot this hagiographic crap to further lionize a monster that has taken so, so much from-- I'm sorry-- From all of us. I say we fight back. And tell the truth. Quote2
-- Jun Shan src

Acclaimed filmmaker Jun Shan and his wife Chuntao were kidnapped by the Mandarin and taken to his Mandrin City so he could coerce Shan into directing a biopic. The Mandarin spilled acid on Jun's face and had Chuntao taken away and abused so he would concede.

Jun Shan (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Annual Vol 1 1 001

Before being disfigured

The Mandarin fed Jun lies about the story of his life, presenting himself as a charitable aristocrat from a wealthy family. Perplexed by the discrepancies between the Mandarin's own accounts, Jun eventually discovered the truth while doing research in the small village of Habuquan. Shan rallied his crew and convinced them to help him make a second version of the movie behind the villain's back, with the intention to expose him.

As the filming of the main feature progressed, Jun became fed up by the Mandarin's petulancy and started acting insolently, to the point of confronting the Mandarin when he ordered Shan to end the movie in Tony Stark's death. By the end of the movie's production, the only people supporting Jun Shan in making the alternative cut were his two trusty assistants, as the rest of the crew became too scared to continue.

When the night of the premiere arrived, Jun attempted to slip away with Chuntao, whom the Mandarin had turned into one of his escorts. The Mandarin blew up the entire cinema as soon as he was presented with the clandestine version of the film instead of the one he had approved. By this time, Chuntao had stabbed Jun in the neck with a pair of needles, revealing the abuse she endured left her loyal to the Mandarin. When visiting Jun's grave, the Mandarin promised to rebuild the theatre in his honor and name. The Mandarin hid Jun's death from the rest of the world, and a year into his absence, people believed he had simply become missing.[1]

  • One of Shan's award-winning films was titled Pinghai Bay, which appeared to be based on the life of Wu Ao-Shi, the Iron Fist circa 1545 A.D.[1]

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