June was a gambling addict that left her home and spent her entire time lethargically playing the slots at Mercury Rising. When her husband finally found her, she didn't even answer him. The scene caught the attention of the mentally unbalanced Ben Reilly, who saw the opportunity to use June as a substitute to his Aunt May. Ben drove away June's husband, who decided to give up and even told her that she could consider him dead before leaving.[1]

After Ben made a deal with Mercury Rising's owner Cassandra Mercury, he made it so June was provided as many quarters as she wanted. She was also provided her own room with all expenses covered.[2] Some time later, June was approached by Jezebel,[3] a member of the mysterious Diogenes Initiative with the appearance of a small girl.[4] June opened up to her since Jezebel reminded her of her dead daughter Gracie. After June took Jezebel to her room,[5] the mysterious girl lured out of the hotel.[6] Her employers kidnapped June to use her as leverage against Ben Reilly.[4] Jezebel's superior eventually let June go, since she was getting on his nerves.[7]

  • June focuses on the slot machines so much she completely ignores her surroundings. She had no problems ignoring her own husband, or an armed robber.[1] Slate had to threaten to kill her to get her to pay him attenton.[2] She even interrupted him in the middle of a fight against the Scarlet Spider to ask him for more quarters.[8]
  • June's hotel room was 1100.[2]
  • June once told Jezebel the story of a baby girl named Gracie who died of crib death six weeks after being born. She also explained the pregnancy was hard, and Gracie's mother couldn't give birth anymore. June denied that Gracie was her daughter, but stated that it was the daughter of "somebody who died a long time ago."[5]

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